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Stylish ECG – Heartbeat Nail Art Design Tutorial Steps

Stylish ECG- Heartbeat Nail Art Design Tutorial Steps

Try this super-cute and stylish Nail Art Heartbeat- Pulse Rate Nail Art Design for doctors and nurses. If you are a medically student or if your heartbeats are connected with someone special, try this very easy to apply and fun to wear heartbeat ECG pattern nail art design. As black and white are very decent nail polish colours, so we are giving a step by step tutorial of Heartbeat ECG Nail Art Design in these shades. Take a selfie with your Heartbeat Style Nail Art Design and upload on your profile to inspire everyone with this fashion amaze!!!

Things Needed Heartbeat Nail Art Design:

In our Heartbeat Nail Art Tutorial, an elegant simple black plain design is taken as the base to give a Heartbeat-Look Nails. We also recommend you to go for any of the nail polish shade as background if you want to make it more awesome and matching with your outfit. Apply white nail polish to draw heartbeat ECG pattern. In our tutorial, you are required to have:

Tips & Tricks for HeartBeat-ECG Nail Art Design:

  • File your nails properly to give them a desired shape, if necessary. You can also use your nails manicure kit to manicure your nails before applying this lovely heartbeat nail art on your short or long nails.
  • Apply base coat nail polish on your nails. Try to apply the coat in a single sweep of brush so rough streaks do not produce on nails to make the surface uneven.
  • Apply black nail polish on your nails one by one. Start from ether thumb or little finger, whichever you want more easily.
  • Now take nail art pen tool from your nail art tools set and apply white nail polish on it in such a pattern that give a heartbeat or ECG picture looks to your nails. You can take a guide from our illustrated nail art picture or you can show your creativity by drawing your own heartbeat nail art design by giving more peaks. Also you can add a red polish heart to one of your nails to give more vibrant heartbeat look.
  • Let it be dry for a while and finally apply the top coat nail polish so as to protect your nail art design as well as to give it a shine.

Try this Heartbeat Nail Art Design in your medical lab, hospital or on a date to show dedication by displaying your Heartbeat Nail Paint Ideas!!!

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