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Super-Easy Lovely & Elegant Twisted Hairstyle Tutorial

 Super-Easy Lovely & Elegant Twisted Hairstyle Tutorial

Do you love to keep your hair open with different hairstyle look??? If yes, then we bring the ultimate cute way to leave your hair open up simply like a princess. Try our 3 twists princess hairstyle to spread the beauty of your hair everywhere you go. This hairstyle can be picked as your everyday or routine hairstyle as it is very simple and easy and needs 3-5minutes to get ready. Fix your long hair using our twist hairstyle for long and open hair that not messes up for the whole day even. Flawless beautiful hairstyle gives a precious grace to your entire beauty and personality and your hair can serve it the best. If you are fed up of braid hairstyles, then try our spring summer long curly or long wavy hairstyle.

Things Needed:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Follow easy step-by-step instruction to create our amazing and lovely hairstyle twists for long and wavy open hair of all lengths:

  • Brush your hair properly.
  • Use a hair curling iron to curl your hairs up to the total hair length.
  • Now divide your hair into 3 portions i.e. front right and left side hair portion as illustrated in picture# 1.
  • Take some hair from the front hair portion and rotate or twist them. Secure with a hair pin.
  • Do the same procedure with left and right side hair position to create right and left both sides hair twist.
  • Secure these 3 twists either with a single hair bobby pin or with individual. Do it as you feel comfortable.
  • Now, pull the hair from all 3 portions i.e. Front, left and right side. These are united together at the back of the head.
  • Secure these using a hair clip or a hair bow, as per you desire.
  • Use hair spray or hair wax, if needed.
  • At the final step, embellish your twist hairstyle with hair bows and other accessories, if desired.

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