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Top 5 Methods to Get Instant Fairness Quickly & Naturally

Top 5 Methods to Get Instant Fairness Quickly & Naturally

Whenever any girl looks at her in mirror, she dreams to have beautiful flawless fair glowing skin and face. We all want to look the best at all time even without having any makeup. Most of the times, we do not have enough time or sufficient money to go to beauty salons or to buy expensive beauty products or to have costly beauty treatments etc respectively. ProLadiesTips brings Simple & Easy Ideas for Instant Fairness to get the best results within no time and money!!!

How to Get Instant Fairness & Glowing Face At Home:

The best 5 methods to Get Instant and Quick Fairness of Your Skin and Face At Home are given below. Choose any of them and see positive results quickly:

Compact Face Powder:

  • To set your makeup and for protection of your facial skin, compact powder is vital.
  • To make your face and looks fairer instantly, select a suitable mineral loose powder or fairness radiance powder as these have additional benefit to even out skin tone.
  • The skin is also kept clean and fresh all day long by applying compact face powders.
  • You can also use translucent powders that even out skin tone and keep skin oil-free, plus these do not cause your facial skin to cast yellow or white color.

Cleanser, Toner & Moisturizer:

  • You should follow the daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine to have a natural fair glowing face.
  • Cleansing is the primary step to have a fair face instantly. You should go for a natural face cleanser as these are free of chemicals. Check best natural facial cleanser If you want to buy a suitable branded facial cleanser, check Amazon.
  • Toning provide hydration to skin which is also very necessary to have fairness on face naturally. By applying our natural skin toner i.e. by mixing 1 tablespoon rosewater with 1 tablespoon water, you can make your skin tighter as well as close all opened skin pores that cause skin dryness. Also check Amazon for branded facial toners with affordable price to make your skin smooth and fair.
  • Moisturizing of face is done according to the skin type. Light oil-free moisturizer is suitable for oily and combination skin while a heavy moisturizer is needed for dry skin texture. Check our natural skin moisturizers recipes. Also check Amazon for a professional facial moisturizer

Curd & Orange Face Pack:

  • To get fairness on dark damaged tanned skin, orange and curd mixture serves the best as orange has skin lightening properties while curd has cleansing properties.
  • Together, orange and curd face pack gives fair and glowing skin to your face.
  • Make a fine paste by mixing dry orange peels with curd.
  • The face pack is gently applied on face and neck and left for 20mnutes. Finally, wash using chilled rose water.
  • Orange and curd face mask gives your face a naturally fair look with glow.
  • Also check our 6 Best Juices for Natural Fair Glowing & Flawless Skin.

Honey, Tea-Water & Rice-Flour Face Mask:

  • Honey, tea water and rice flour is the right combination to make face mask for skin fairness.
  • Honey and tea water help to get rid of free radicals and give fair skin. Rice flour is a good facial scrub
  • To make honey and rice flour face mask, mix 1 cup of cooled tea water, 2 spoons of rice flour and ½ a spoon of honey.
  • All ingredients are blended and applied carefully on face and neck. Leave the face mask till it dries out natural and then, wash with water.
  • This natural beauty recipe for fair skin gives a fairer and even skin tone quickly in a single wash.
  • Also check our best homemade skin lighting natural recipes to have more enhanced face glow and fairness.

Turmeric & Milk Face Mask:

  • Even brides before the wedding day apply turmeric face mask to have stunned instant face fairness and glow.
  • Turmeric has skin lightening properties while milk has moisturizing and cleansing effect. Together, this face pack boosts brightening glow on skin naturally.
  • To make turmeric face mask for skin fairness, gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and milk are mixed together to form fine paste.
  • Apply the mask on face and neck. After 10 minutes, give ice facial massage to face and neck for 2 minutes as ice tightens skin pores and give your face a natural augmented glow with fairness.
  • You can also check our natural moisturizing and hydrating face mask if you are allergic to turmeric.

Try these top 5 home remedies to get fair skin instantly at your home without going to expensive beauty salon and share the results with us on Pro G+ Page.

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