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Trendy & Creative Subtle Twist Side-Braid Floral Hairstyle Tutorial

Trendy & Creative Subtle Twist Side-Braid Floral Hairstyle

If you want to learn a super-easy and simple braid hairstyle that can be created in merely 5 minutes, then try our lovely floral subtle twist side braid hairstyle. Although, there are many braid hairstyles, but those in which some twists and floral arrangement is added really look elegant and the piece of attraction too.

For making this simply side braid with subtle twist hairstyle, you do not need so much accessories or time. This hairstyle incorporates a soft and single twist back on one side of head that is then merged into a side braid with floral arrangement and hair accessories. Learn the easy method of making this attractive and very trendy summer beach braid hairstyle that is perfect for all hair length as well as hair texture.

Things Needed:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

The step-by-step instructions for making our romantic accessorized side braid hairstyle are given below:

  • Brush your hair with a hair brush to straight them and to remove any curls if there.
  • Slight slightly off to the right side, part your hair. It will facilitate the heavy side of the hair to lie on your left side. A few frail strandsĀ are sectioned out for framing the face on both sides.
  • On the front right-hand side of your hair, pick a small portion of hair and twist it back towards the crown area of head.
  • Secure the hair side twists using a hair pin.
  • Now begin a regular 3 strands braid. Note that the remaining hairs of the hair twist are also incorporated in the regular braid.
  • If you are an expert then instead of making a regular braid, you can copy us by making a sexy and romantic fishtail side braid.
  • Secure it using hair elastic of your choice.
  • Decorate your braids with different hair accessories ether a floral hair arrangement or anything else.
  • You can also use a floral hair front clip to give diva hairstyle look for any party or a casual beach picnic hairstyle.

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