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Valentine’s Day Ink & Hearts Nail Art Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Ink & Hearts Nail Art Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Nail art Design is all about Alcohol Inks and Hearts with Glitter. Our Valentine Day Nail art design is much more than a normal nail art. We tell you how!!! Our gorgeous and sweet valentine day nails are the perfect designing for your hands. Without any hand jewelry, your nails will look romantic and lovely with valentine’s heart and glitter nail art. These beautiful and romantic Valentine’s nails are perfect for all adorable ladies. Colorful valentine day French manicure nails are creative too. Trendy alcohol ink nail art technique is also used in valentine day nails for girls.

Things Needed:

  • red matte heart glitter and .008 Fire Red Glitter (from Girly Bits Cosmetics )
  • Soft White Gel Nail Polish (for base color)
  • Pure Black Nail Polish (for base color)
  • Adirondack Alcohol Inks or Sharpie marker
  • Top coat nail paint (Transparency)
  • IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol)

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  • Use the black and white base colors to start valentine day alcohol ink and red heart nails.
  • For the creation of gradient effect, .008 Fire Red Glitter Nail Polish is burnished on the top layer of Black Nail paint. Apply Glitter Gradient Manicure technique in this step.
  • Red Heart Glitters Nail Paint is applied randomly on to the white nails as shown in the picture or as desired.
  • Apply a layer of top coat on your V-Day nails to secure hearts as well as for filling gaps around glitter too.
  • Remove nail polish residues from cuticles and dry your nails.
  • For the creation of Smokey nail art look, use alcohol inks. With this technique, granite or marble nails can easily be created. Adirondack Alcohol Inks can also serve great that we used in our tutorial.
  • If you are a bit cautious, Sharpie marker can also be used that are cheaper too. For e.g. use a black sharpie marker to scribble over the top coat layer. A small brush is then dipped in IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and then dapped over the ink randomly to create marble nail art effect on your valentine nails.
  • Finally, embellish your valentine night nails with nail art accessories and valentine beads, if desired.


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