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Vibrant Colors Eye Makeup Tutorial

Vibrant Colors Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you want to incorporate vibrant colors into your makeup look, then your vibrant colors eye makeup can do it so perfectly that a charm is easily brought up into your whole makeup. For vibrant colors eye shadow makeup, you should be very much cautious about the combination of different complementary eye shadows in bright colors. These days, eye makeup with a single eye shadow is not that much in fashion. The face is made too much interesting by doing at least 2 colors eye makeup.

One of the best contrasts for bright and vibrant eyes makeup is the combination of yellow and turquoise eye shadows. The overall look of vibrant shiny eye makeup can further be turned sparkling by using golden eye shadow in the makeup too. On sunny days, the awesome and preferred eyes makeup is always vibrant bright eye makeup using two eye shadows and this is the best.

Things Needed:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Follow our easy steps using the above listed products to get the exact look of bright yellow and turquoise vibrant eye makeup tutorial:

  • All over the eyelid, apply eye primer for the solid and stable base of your eye makeup that will last longer.
  • On the eyelid, apply yellow eye shadow in the form of an even layer.
  • Now pick the turquoise eye shadow and apply it from the middle to the outer corner of the eyelid. Blend both eye shadows carefully for a well eye makeup look.
  • To the crease of eyes, apply warm golden eye shadow by using a large eye shadow brush. Note that at the outer corner of the lid, a V-shape is also created using the same eye shadow and eye pencil.
  • The black and gold eye shadows are blended together well.
  • On the upper eye lid, apply the black liquid liner. Repeat the same with the lower lash line.
  • At the final step, apply mascara to both lashes to complete your bright vibrant stylish eye makeup.

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