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We Heart Heart-Shaped Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

Heart-Shaped Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

If you love your friends, your dear one, your loved ones or your darling, Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love with them. Valentine’s Day Hairstyles are also a mean to show your love to them by dressing up your hair perfectly for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your Valentine’s Dinner with this Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Braided Hairstyle as it is the best and latest Valentine’s Party hairstyle. The curls incorporated give romantic curling hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. Have a unique festive look this valentine with this unique and simple Valentine’s Day stylish hairstyle. The steps wise instructions for creating Valentine Heart-Shaped Braided Hairstyle just in 15 minutes are given below.

Things Needed For Valentine Heart-Shaped Braided Hairstyle:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  • Part the hair into two for creating Half Up-do Valentine’s Day hairstyle.
  • Divide each part into 3 hair strands individually for creating the classic 3-stranded braids on each side. Secure them temporarily using small hair elastics.
  • Around the braid base from the inside out, braid is rolled properly. Use bobby pins to secure these.
  • The same procedure is repeated to make the braid on the other side in the same fashion.
  • The two ends of both braids are gathered together and secured using hair elastic.
  • Cut the previously used elastics for finishing look of valentine’s hair.
  • Hair is then curled using hair iron or hair curling tool, if desired.
  • Lovely heart-shaped Valentine’s Day hairstyle is ready. Use hair accessories or hair spray, if desired.

Image Tutorial:

We Heart Heart-Shaped Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

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