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Yellow And Orange Eye Makeup Tutorial

Yellow And Orange Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you are curious about the steps of Sunset Inspired Eye Makeup tutorial, then we are giving you simply and easy step-by-step tutorial to apply sunset eye shadow makeup using bright yellow and orange eye shadows. A warm tropical sunset eye makeup look or citrus eye makeup can easily be achieved by using yellow and orange eye shadows in a combination. Our orange and yellow eye shadows can also be served as a great deal of Beach eye makeup.

Things Needed:

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Follow our easy steps using the above listed products to get the exact look of orange and yellow sunny beach eye makeup:

  • Using a small eye shadow brush, apply silver white eye shadow on the upper eyelid along with the crease. Carefully apply the same eye shadow below the lower lid as shown in picture. Trace the whole eye using the similar silver pale white eye shadow to give a vibrant eye look.
  • Now pick up yellow eye shadow from the makeup kit we detailed above (we have also positioned the shadow in kit in picture above). Apply it from the inner corner of eye to half of the upper and lower eyelid. Use the small angled eye makeup brush for application.
  • Now pick large eye shadow brush to apply orange eye shadow to the remaining half of the eyelid i.e. from half of the upper and lower eyelid till the outer corner of eye.
  • Gently blend orange and yellow eye shadows for clean cut eye makeup look.
  • Apply brown eye shadow using large angled eye makeup brush from the mentioned eye makeup brush kit set. Gently blend both orange and brown eye shadows of your citrus eye shadow.
  • Now apply the similar white silver eye shadow that we used in the first step from the eye crease till the brow bone to highlight that area.
  • Carefully apply eyeliner in a winged eyeliner makeup fashion using any of your favorite brand or eyeliner type i.e. gel, cake, pencil, rush etc.
  • Wear artificial eyelashes for a more stylish eye makeup look that will glow in it.
  • Apply mascara on your lashes to sparkle your eyes.
  • Your lovely holiday orange and yellow bright eye makeup is ready in merely 15 minutes deal.

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